Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board (OCDPB)

Approved Provider 01-1416-33PVN

OCDPB categories of ATOD Primary Prevention Specific Education

OCDPB letter classifications (effective June 2004): Letter designations indicate the following: C is chemical dependency specific; R is related to the field; S is approved for clinical supervision hours; P is specific to Prevention; D is focused on diagnostic training.

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Updated:  March 1, 2019


P1 - Planning and Evaluation             top of page
  • No courses at this time
P2 - Prevention and Service Delivery              top of page
7 CHs  $59
7 RCHs  $59
18 RCHs  $99
P3 - Communication      top of page
  • No courses at this time

P4 - Community Organization          top of page

  • No courses at this time

P5 - Public Policy and Environmental Change             top of page

  • No courses at this time

P6 - Professional Growth and Responsibility              top of page

12 RCHs $79

P7 - Ethics           top of page

  • No courses at this time

P8 - Cultural Competence           top of page

15 RCHs $89